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Chloe Paquet
Chloe Paquet
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Chloé Paquet (Versailles, July 1st, 1994) is a French tennis player. On July 1st 2019 she achieved the best ranking worldwide for singles, nr 155 and on June 12th 2017 she instead obtained her best worldwide rank in doubles, nr 247.
As part of her career, she has won two singles matches and one doubles match in the ITF circuit.
Andrea Hlavackova
Andrea Hlavackova
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She reached WTA singles ranking No. 58 on September 10, 2012, while she reached her career-high doubles ranking of world No. 3.
She made it into the finals of doubles tournaments twenty-eight times, of which she managed to win fifteen. Amongst the most important of which were the 2011 French Open and the 2013 US Open.
On the ITF circuit, Hlaváčková has 7 singles wins under her belt and another 17 in doubles. Hlaváčková won her first doubles title in 2007 alongside her compatriot Petra Cetkovská at the ECM Prague Open.
In 2012, she partnered with Lucie Hradecká and they were defeated in the Wimbledon final, as well as at the London Olympic Games, by the Williams sisters. At the US Open, the same pair made it to the final but lost to Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci.
At the 2012 US Open Hlaváčková obtained her best result yet in a Grand Slam tournament, where she reached the round of 16 but was ultimately defeated by eventual champion Serena Williams.
On July 21st 2013, she plays her first singles final at the Gastein Ladies tournament in Austria, ultimately losing to Yvonne Meusburger, 5-7, 2-6.
On September 6th, she wins her first mixed doubles Slam title. Competing alongside the Belorussian Maks Mirny, they emerge victorious in their match against the Mexican-American pair of Santiago González and Abigail Spears, 7-5 (5), 6-3. She has won two doubles Slam titles alongside her compatriot Lucie Hradecká: at the 2011 French Open against Elena Vesnina and Sania Mirza, as well as the 2013 US Open against the Austrian pair made up of Ashleigh Barty and Casey Dellacqua, 6 (4)-7, 6-1, 6-4.
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Carlo Fracassoli
Carlo Fracassoli
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Youth regattas Optimist Class
Olympic Class 470 Regattas
3rd at the Italian 470 Junores Championship
Participated in the "Giro d'Italia" sailing competition
2nd - Asso 99 class European Championship
2nd - Asso 99 class Italian Championship
1st - Asso 99 class Austrian Championship
2nd - Asso 99 class European Championship
3rd - Ufo O.D. class Italian Championship
3rd - Asso 99 class Italian Championship
3rd - Asso 99 class European Championship
1st - Dolphin 81 class Italian Championship
2nd - Asso 99 class Trofeo Gorla
Ufo 22 class regattas
2nd - Asso 99 class Italian Championship
1st - Dolphin 81 class Italian Championship
1st - Dolphin 81 class Centomiglia
3rd - Ufo 22 class Italian Championship
2nd - Ufo 22 class European Championship
3rd - Asso 99 class European Championship
2nd - Dolphin 81 class Italian Championship
1st - “Crociera del Garda” class Italian Championship
Overall winner - 56th Garda Centomiglia - Clandesteam
1st - Mumm 30 class - Venice
1st - Ufo 22 class - Torbole
2nd - Mumm 30 class Italian Championship
1st Overall - Trofeo Gorla - Clandesteam
Overall winner - 57th Garda Centomiglia - Clandesteam
1st - ORC class group 1 Naval Academy Trophy
1st - Corinthian Melges 24 class Italian Championship
1st - Dolphin 81 class Italian Championship
1st - Melges 24 class Volvo Cup Punta Ala
1st - Dolphin 81 class Italian Championship
1st - Melges 24 class Swiss Championship
1st - Melges 24 class European Championship
1st “Crociera del Garda” class Trofeo Gorla Mediatel
1st - Melges 24 class Volvo Cup Riva del Garda
1st - Melges 24 class World Championship Torbole
1st Overall - Open Class Trofeo Gorla Stravaganza
1st - Melges 24 class Favini Cup - Swiss Championship
1st - Ufo 22 Class Italian Championship
1st - Melges 20 class Beluga Cup Montecarlo
1st - Star class Trofeo Folli
1st - Asso 99 class European Championship
1st - Asso 99 class Italian Championship
1st - Melges 32 class Audi Sailing Series Naples
1st - M32 class Sailing Series Porto Venere
1st - Melges 24 class Favini Cup - Swiss Championship
2nd - Melges 24 class World Championship Miami
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Salvatore Gorgone
Salvatore Gorgone
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At 67 years of age, Salvatore Gorgone runs like a thirty-year-old, among athletes and marathon runners, he is known as a specimen of both physical and inner strength.
Resilience, determination, and speed akin to those of the legendary Pheidippides, the hemerodrome (day-long runner) that according to the Greek historian Herodotus ran the whole 42km from Marathon to Athens in 490 B.C. in order to announce the Athenian victory against the Persian invaders. A feat from which the modern sporting event “Marathon” was named after.
Much like the news bearing hemerodrome, by running, Salvatore delivers an important message. He proves that force of will is all one needs to overcome every obstacle, every challenge must be addressed with an appropriate amount of effort, confidence, and by always looking ahead.

Salvatore Gorgone, born in 1950, originally from Buonvicino in Calabria, lives in Milan where he works as a financial consultant at Sefind Srl, a company he founded himself, is married and has two children. It is a challenging balance between family and work, yet he makes sure to keep himself in shape with regular physical exercise, though never at a competitive level. All is “normal” until Salvatore discovers he is particularly gifted in running marathons. 6 years ago (at the age of 61) he almost by chance takes part in his first marathon in Milan. Since then, his passion for running has been a constant over the years. Race after race, he continues to improve and to surprise everyone with his energy and stamina. Starting from 2012 (statistics updated on July 14, 2017) Salvatore Gorgone has participated in 188 races - of which 122 were marathons (42,195km), 33 half-marathons (21.0975 km), 33 ultramarathons (over 42,195 km), which amount to 8.958km ran in over 70 locales in Italy and the rest of Europe, Asia, and America, at various (and sometimes extreme) latitudes and weather conditions: Milan, Rome, Turin, Liverpool, Moscow, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Tromsø, Omsk, New Delhi, Jerusalem, Dubai, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Panama, Anchorage, and many more.
An absolutely spectacular athletic CV. No one in the 65-69 age group in Italy can say they have competed as much as Salvatore has, both in terms of the total number of races and comparable results.
2015, a record-setting year
Salvatore achieves his personal-best time after a nearly non-stop sequence of races which included 1 ultramarathon and 3 marathons, totaling over 176km, in an 8-day time span. During the year, he ran a total of 39 races, of which 30 were marathons and remaining 9 were ultramarathons, including the 221km Ultrabalaton (one lap around Balaton lake) in Hungary, and the 100 Meilen Berlin, a 161km course that follows the former border strip around western Berlin, in which he was the class winner.
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Martina Caregaro
Martina Caregaro
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Martina Caregaro, born in Aosta on May 19th, 1992, started playing tennis when she was only 6 years old. In 2000, she won her first U10 tournament at only 8 years old in "Pineta Sangano" and played against Claudia Franzè in the finals. She joined the Italian Tennis Federation with her first meet in 2001 and is to this day one of the most observed young women on the Under-18 Italian National Team.
In 2002, she won the Trieste U10 national tournament, as well as the Paule International Tournament and Bressuire Tournament in France.
In 2003, she succeeded in obtaining the Regional Team Title and reaches the finals in her first U12 Italian Championships for both singles and doubles. She then goes on to win the Kaufstein International Tournament in Austria, as well as the U12 Italian Team Title with the Chatillon Tennis Club.
In 2004 Caregaro becomes the U12 Italian Champion in both singles and doubles, and is then awarded the best player award in the European Championship for national teams taking place in Brescia.
Finalist at the Master Nike Junior Tour in the under 12 age group taking place at the Turin Pleiadi. In 2005, she won both the singles and doubles events at the Oslo (Norway) U14 tournament, and reaches the semi-finals in three other U14 International Tournaments (Oetwill-Swizzerland, Pescara, and San Marino). She wins the U14 Master Nike Tournament in Cuneo, as well as the U14 Italian Team Title with the Chatillon St. Vincent Tennis Club. In 2006 Caregaro moves to the Vergosa Sporting Club in Como and takes part in the Winter Cup, the Summer Cup, and the European Championship with the Italian Tennis Federation. Proceeds to win the U16 Regional Team Title with the Caraglio Tennis Club. She wins the U14 Italian Champion title in both singles and doubles events in Cagliari and manages to make it into the final in the U16 national competition with the Caraglio Tennis Club.
In 2007, she reaches the semi-final of the Italian U16 Championship in singles and wins the Italian Title in the doubles event. In August 2007, she moves once again, this time in Rome, where she trains to this day with Francesco Elia and Silvia Farina. During 2008, Caregaro begins competing in ITF tournaments. She manages to reach the quarter-finals twice in as many $10K tournaments in Naples and Cremona. Participates in the following tournament and reaches the semi-final, after which she goes on to win the bronze medal in the U16 European Championships in Moscow (Russia).
In that same year, Caregaro achieves her best ITF ranking of nr. 745 in the worldwide rankings. In January 2009 she starts by reaching the final of a $10K tournament in Mallorca, immediately followed by her reaching the quarter-finals in the Roma Real and Pomezia Tournaments, both of which are also $10K tier tournaments.
Unfortunately, after this exceptional start to her season, Caregaro had to take a nearly five-month break due to an injury (stress fracture of the third metatarsal of her left foot). In September, she enters once again the competitive scene and starts playing in $10.000 tournaments once again. In that same month, she manages to reach the quarter-final at Bassano del Grappa and wins the Chantillon Open in December of the same year. She ends the year ranking around 900 in the worldwide rankings. In January 2010, Pomezia tournament she succeeds in winning her first ITF $10K tournament.
Immediately following that, Caregaro reaches the quarter-finals in a number of $25K tournaments Civitavecchia, Bari, Caserta, Roma Tevere Remo. In July, after a brilliant performance in the qualification rounds of the Palermo $220K WTA tournament, Caregaro found herself for the first time in her career on a main tour-level scoreboard..
WTA PALERMO - Qualifying Games Corinna Dentoni and Martina Caregaro in the decisive round (Source:

Martina is called upon by the Italian Tennis Federation to participate in the European Team Championships where after having prevailed in the qualification rounds, she is crowned a European Champion in the under-18 category in France along with her teammates, captained by ex-player Rita Grande.
In October she wins her second $10K ITF Tournament in Ciampino, achieving her best worldwide ranking of 370.
In 2011, always under the careful observation of coach Francesco Elia, Caregaro reaches the Gardone Val Trompia final, followed by her semi-final in Cagliari, goes on to win the Dubrovnik tournament in Croatia, and reaches the La Marsa Tournament final in Tunisia, all are $10K tournaments. At the end of the year, her worldwide ranking settles around 450 in the women's worldwide rankings.
Unfortunately, after fighting the pain for two months in 2012, Caregaro takes another break in her career and undergoes carpal tunnel surgery in her left wrist. After a long absence and rehabilitation period, she begins playing once again reaching the semi-final of a $10K tournament in Turkey. By the end of the year, she slides down to 750th in the WTA rankings.
In 2013 start the first few clashes between her and coach Elia. Carregaro continues until the month of June, when the inevitable divorce takes place. The following week she wins the $10K ITF tournament in Rome. She starts accumulating a number of good results and goes on to win the Rovereto $15K ITF tournament.
In the meantime, she moves training grounds and goes to Viterbo, where she is joined by a Team of National Coaches Paolo Rossi, Gino D'Angelo and Anna Floris, the latter being an ex-player that follows her in the upcoming tournaments. While playing at the Podgorica tournament in Serbia Montenegro in September Martina injures her left wrist. Despite the difficult recovery she decides to get back onto the tennis court to chase after her dream. Unfortunately, the pain in her left wrist persisted and was therefore unable to perform as well as before. Nonetheless, Carregaro gives it her best and is able to reach the semi-final of both the singles and doubles events at the Santa Margherita di Pula $10K ITF tournament in April.
In June she manages to qualify for another final in the singles event and is able to bring home the doubles event title while playing alongside her coach Anna Floris at the Civitavecchia $10K ITF tournament. In July and August 2014 the pain in her wrist keeps getting worse and worse, so much so that she was forced to put everything on hold in order to definitively understand the cause.
After three very painful months, Caregaro returns to the court in November as a way to test her wrist after a long period of rest and rehabilitation. The results were fully satisfactory. Martina is able to play once again at a high level and is able to win a title in addition to reaching the semi-final at the Pula $10K ITF tournament. After these results and in the absence of the wrist pain, Caregaro and her team decide to take on the challenge of going to Tunisia to play 3 $10K ITF tournaments on a fast surface.
The year ends with her climbing in ranking, reaching the 375th place in the worldwide WTA rankings.
After having met and overcome a number of obstacles, 2015 seems to be the turning point for Martina. Alongside her staff they decide to start the year by going to compete overseas as a way to gain some experience abroad. After a series of tournaments without any important results they return to Italy, where through an invitation extended by the Italian Tennis Federation, which had been following Caregaro from the age of twelve, she competes at the Beinasco $25K ITF tournament and reaches the semi-final by playing top-tier tennis.
Before departing for the US and Colombia she is able to make it into the final of the singles event at the Sicily $10K ITF tournament held in Solarino. After a number of good results in ITF tournaments in the $10K and $25K tiers, in July of 2015 Caregaro reaches the semi-final of the $25K ITF tournament held in Rome. Her schedule has her going to Mexico next, where she participate in a series of $25K and $50K tier ITF tournaments on a fast surface which she prefers. Specifically, she competed in two tournaments in Monterrey, one in Victoria, and one in Tampico where she played the semi-final against Dominguez Lino, the strong Spaniard opponent that at the time was 100th in the WTA worldwide rankings.
Having obtained good results Caregaro climbs further in the WTA worldwide rankings reaching 267th place, which allows her to participate in higher tier ITF tournaments. After some consideration, she and her staff decide to participate in a series of $75K and $100K tier ITF tournaments in the UAE and Japan. The skill level in these tournaments proves to be high and Caregaro is able to rise to the occasion and demonstrate she is able to take on anyone. Indeed, in Dubai she is defeated but only in the third set while playing against the highly ranked Romanian Dulgheru (57th in the WTA rankings) and after having beaten three opponents that ranked among the top 150 in the WTA rankings, she goes through to the quarter-finals of the $75K ITF tournament hosted by Toyota. I the last $25K ITF tournament of 2015 hosted in Egypt she goes through to the semi-finals. This result allowed her to reach a career high WTA worldwide ranking of 253, therefore becoming one of the eight best female tennis players in Italy.
2016 is a year where Caregaro continues all the good work of the previous year and attempts to improve in every aspect, technical, physical, and mental. With this objective in mind, her staff decide to start by going over to Brazil to participate at the Rio De Janeiro WTA tournament and continue with a series of $25K and $50K tier ITF tournaments in Sao Paolo, Campinas, and Curitiba.
Immediately after having finalized those plans, Martina receives an unexpected invitation to participate in the Fed Cup with the Italian National Team alongside Sara Errani, Camila Giorgi, and Francesca Schiavone for the World Group First Round in Marseille against the French national team lead by Amelie Mauresmo.
Needless to say that the satisfaction of receiving such an invitation is immense. Caregaro was able to live and train for a full week alongside the strongest tennis players in the world. A unique and unforgettable experience. The captain of the National Team Barazutti pairs her up with Sara Errani and Caregaro makes her debut in the doubles event. Negative results and emotions aside, it was a very exciting week for Martina.
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