Mountain Bike


According to Lorenzo, the athlete's objective is to constantly move towards a goal. Proper nutrition, good sleep, and staying hydrated are key ingredients for success. But it is primarily supplementation, such as that offered by Argivit, which enables a mountain bike athlete to concentrate on riding, tame the bicycle, and avoid feeling fatigued, especially during competitions.

Being a mountain bike athlete means descending along trails that border the mountains, jumping ramps, and executing numerous aerial acrobatics. Only nutrition, rest, hydration, and supplementation allow Lorenzo to control the two wheels, particularly during downhill sections, where he reaches extreme speeds.

Argivit is a dietary supplement containing vitamins, minerals, and rapidly utilizable food components that provide energy and support muscle activity, guaranteeing Lorenzo the physical prowess necessary to remain in full control of his bicycle.

This is the only way to conquer previously unseen obstacles along the track and manage any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the ride.

Find the energy needed to maintain high-level performance.