The experience of Simone Leo

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According to Simone, energy is the most important ingredient in a runner's life. Argivit is an important ally not only for those who decide to run hundreds of kilometers in extreme weather conditions, such as ultramarathon runners, but also for those who want to approach the world of running in a healthy way and progressively improve the distances they cover.

Ultramarathons are 95% mental and 5% physical. Beyond physical training, the difference between success and failure for an ultramarathon runner is dictated by mental strength: dedication, perseverance, and patience.

In this scenario, the synergy of Argivit’s components supports Simone’s muscular and mental activity, allowing him to remain in full control of his body and counteract fatigue kilometer after kilometer.

Indeed, the most important goal when entering the world of running is to learn to endure fatigue, remembering that results come with time. It’s a continuous battle between the body urging you to stop and the mind pushing you to keep going. And when the body shows signs of giving in, it’s the mind that must cover the last kilometers.

Find the energy needed to maintain high-level performance.